If They Dont Make You Laugh, Dont Phuck 'Em

IF THEY DON'T MAKE YOU LAUGH, DON'T PHUCK ‘EM” submerges artistically into the dark psyche of comedians and locates the pulse of their own craft of comedic arts. This was attempted through the technique of tintype, a century old, revitalized photography technique that mirrors the mysterious component of the comics’ composition. The final project is the result of converting film to digital and fine printing to an aluminum medium.

The tintype style photographs are a depiction into a subject and their unique qualities; curled lips, freckles, deep-set eyes, beautiful imperfections. The process roots from the 19th century in war, Native American and wide west cultures. Until recently it has resurfaced in creative settings seeking classical looks and alternatives to 21st century photography techniques. The idea is to create a gritty, raw, but developed classic image in black and gray tones that reveal skin tones as being darker than seen with the naked eye and capture the center of the subjects’ personalities.

Micaeh decided to use all comedians as her subjects after spending years bouncing about the Chicago comedy circuit. Subsequent to producing a handful of comedy shows for charity, the concept of an all-comic exhibit came serendipitously as she stumbled upon tintype photography during her research of fascinating, historical techniques. The final piece would be Bradley Murray, a seasoned photographer, whom she would commission to hold her green hand during the execution of the entire process. Bradley compelled Micaeh to take the concept from digital to film to fully appreciate the art form and tell the stories of the comics.